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Killing Truth

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Killing Truth, a new eBook from Media Matters for America's Eric Boehlert, breaks down the many fabrications Bill O'Reilly has told about his life and reporting background and the public image that those stories helped to construct.

Killing Truth makes the case that O'Reilly has stretched the truth again and again to build his reputation as a hardened reporter who doesn't just talk about violent conflicts, but has risked his own life to witness them. It's a persona that many Fox viewers trust implicitly.

Bill O'Reilly has spent decades convincing his audience that because he's tough, honest, and doesn't pull punches, he's a target for baseless attacks from the mainstream media. He can still be held accountable for his fabrications, but we need to break through to his most loyal viewers -- and to do that, we have to understand why they're still on his side.

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