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For most of us, conservative misinformation is part of everyday life. A relative worries about Obamacare "death panels." A coworker is certain that scientists manipulate data to support climate change. A friend posts on Facebook that more guns mean less crime.

Too often, we let lies stick around just because it's tough to correct the record in mid-conversation. But what if it were easy?

Media Matters is excited to introduce Mythopedia, a new tool for fighting back against right-wing misinformation.

Mythopedia is the dictionary of conservative lies. It's a simple factchecker that fits in your pocket and even responds to voice commands. We've seeded it with 400 common myths -- and we want you to tell us what to add next.

Check out how it works in this short video:

Start checking the facts today at

Photo: "Dictionary" by greeblie is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Modified
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