Calls on CBS to Cover Health Care Successes - Media Matters Take Action

MoveOn.Org Calls on CBS to Cover Health Care Successes

After Media Matters released research showing that national news outlets spent significantly more time covering the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act's rollout than the law's successes, MoveOn.Org collected over 70,000 signatures calling on CBS to balance its coverage.

The research found that broadcast evening news programs slanted coverage of the ACA by hyping negative aspects of the law's rollout while underplaying or not exploring positive changes to insurance coverage under the health care law, including the role that subsidies would play in making health care affordable.

Of the programs studied, the CBS Evening News devoted the most airtime to the ACA since October 1st, spending nearly 90% of that coverage on’s troubles and misleading stories about premium increases. MoveOn targeted CBS with a petition that ACA beneficiaries delivered to CBS headquarters.

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