National Coalition Asks Networks To Tell Full Story On Minimum Wage - Media Matters Take Action

National Coalition Asks Networks To Tell Full Story On Minimum Wage

In response to a report by Media Matters showing that evening news programs on four major broadcast networks -- ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS -- have been largely silent about the public cost of low wages, a coalition of 22 organizations issued a letter asking the networks to do better.

As evidence mounts showing that low wages cost taxpayers and our economy billions and keep millions of workers in poverty, the push for better, more livable wages is growing nationwide.

On March 11, Media Matters released a report showing that ABC's World News, the CBS Evening News, NBC's Nightly News, and the PBS NewsHour only mentioned the public cost of low minimum wages eight times in the last year -- including how low wages force workers to rely on government programs, such as food stamps, housing vouchers, or other anti-poverty programs. The majority of mentions were on PBS NewsHour, which provided six of the eight total.

Allies -- including the AFL-CIO, Communications Workers of America, United Auto Workers,, National Employment Law Project, and Americans United for Change -- were among the 22 organizations that signed a letter urging the networks to cover the cost of low wages.

The full letter can be read here.

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