Coalition Urges Tribune Company Not To Sell Papers To Koch Brothers - Media Matters Take Action

Coalition Urges Tribune Company Not To Sell Papers To Koch Brothers

When the conservative billionaire Koch brothers expressed interest in buying seven Tribune Company newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times, a group of organizations urged the board not to sell.

A diverse group of organizations mobilized to stop the sale.

Media Matters interviewed staff at Tribune Company newspapers, who raised concerns about the Kochs' hard-right ideology, political activism, and lack of news experience.

Courage Campaign and Forecast the Facts bought advertisements in The Los Angeles Times urging readers to cancel their subscriptions if the Tribune Company agrees to sell the newspaper to "the right-wing Koch Brothers." More than 1,000 people pledged to cancel their subscriptions, while 110,000 signed petitions opposing the sale.

Forecast the Facts also released a parody website, Kochify the News, which imagined the front page of the The Los Angeles Times as owned by the Kochs.

The Other 98% launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy the The Los Angeles Times.

Free Press sent a petition and a Koch-themed cake to Tribune Company newsrooms.

Protests took place outside Tribune Company newsrooms in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Baltimore.

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