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Justice & Civil Liberties

Fight Misinformation On Local News

Update Dec 02, 2014

21st Century Fox owns and operates 28 stations in major media markets around the country. They might seem independent, but Fox uses them to push misinformation to viewers like you. Help fight back.

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Update Mar 05, 2014

Mythopedia is an online tool for fighting back against right-wing misinformation.

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Ted Nugent's Zimmerman Trial Remarks Inspire Petitions, Protest

Update Aug 06, 2013

Media Matters chronicled Ted Nugent's racist comments following the George Zimmerman trial, which prompted the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to launch a petition to remove Nugent from the NRA Board of Directors and community organizers in New Haven, Connecticut, to protest his concert at a local club.

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Stop Beck

Update Jun 30, 2011

After more than 300 advertisers pulled their ads from his show, Glenn Beck permanently "transition[ed] off" Fox News.

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