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Ted Nugent's Zimmerman Trial Remarks Inspire Petitions, Protest

Update Aug 06, 2013

Media Matters chronicled Ted Nugent's racist comments following the George Zimmerman trial, which prompted the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to launch a petition to remove Nugent from the NRA Board of Directors and community organizers in New Haven, Connecticut, to protest his concert at a local club.

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Advocates Run Ad Challenging Anti-Immigration Groups

Update Jul 15, 2013

On the same day that anti-immigration groups marched in Washington, DC, a group of advocates -- including Media Matters' Immigration Program Director -- placed a full-page ad in Roll Call challenging the argument that immigrants take jobs from American workers, especially African Americans.

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Allies Call Out Fox for Criticizing Female Breadwinners

Update May 30, 2013

After Media Matters caught an all-male Fox Business panel attacking women breadwinners as a sign of society's downfall, Ultraviolet started a petition asking Fox to fire the panelists, and MomsRising launched a Twitter campaign urging Fox to diversify its panels.

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