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Media Urged To Report on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Update Feb 13, 2014

After a Media Matters study showed that the nightly news programs have not reported on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter created a 142,000-signature CREDO Mobilize petition that asked the networks to cover proposed trade agreement.

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Networks Urged to Diversify Sunday Shows

Update Jan 30, 2014

A Media Matters report found that white men dominated the Sunday political talk shows in 2013, inspiring a letter from a national coalition of women leaders and organizations, a call to action from the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and a 54,000-signature CREDO Mobilize petition calling on the networks to diversify their guest lists.

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MoveOn.Org Calls on CBS to Cover Health Care Successes

Update Dec 12, 2013

After Media Matters released research showing that national news outlets spent more time covering the shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act's rollout than the law's successes, MoveOn.Org collected over 70,000 signatures calling on CBS to balance its coverage.

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The New York Times Takes Steps to Improve Its Numbers Reporting

Update Oct 19, 2013

After a Media Matters study showed that major print outlets mostly reported budget figures as raw numbers, Just Foreign Policy and MoveOn.Org gathered over 20,000 signatures on a petition asking for more context. Soon after, The New York Times announced steps to improve its numbers-based reporting.

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