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Diversity & Discrimination

Color of Change Demands Apology From Fox News' O'Reilly

Update Aug 04, 2014

After Media Matters caught Fox News' Bill O'Reilly saying that "in certain ghetto neighborhoods it's part of the culture" for 9-year old black children to smoke marijuana, Color of Change launched a petition demanding that O'Reilly apologize and correct his outrageous remarks.

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Update Mar 05, 2014

Mythopedia is an online tool for fighting back against right-wing misinformation.

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Networks Urged to Diversify Sunday Shows

Update Jan 30, 2014

A Media Matters report found that white men dominated the Sunday political talk shows in 2013, inspiring a letter from a national coalition of women leaders and organizations, a call to action from the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and a 54,000-signature CREDO Mobilize petition calling on the networks to diversify their guest lists.

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NBC: No Russia For 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

Update Aug 20, 2013

NBC: Don't reward Russia's anti-gay crackdown by hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. Move the pageant from Russia to a location that won't put LGBT and LGBT-friendly participants and guests in danger.

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Ted Nugent's Zimmerman Trial Remarks Inspire Petitions, Protest

Update Aug 06, 2013

Media Matters chronicled Ted Nugent's racist comments following the George Zimmerman trial, which prompted the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to launch a petition to remove Nugent from the NRA Board of Directors and community organizers in New Haven, Connecticut, to protest his concert at a local club.

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